Bennett Family of Missouri


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This website will be constructed to house the considerable collection of information that has been gathered on the Bennett families who migrated from Virginia, through Kentucky and Illinois, and subsequently settled in Dallas County Missouri in the early 1800's.




A Bennett Family reunion of the descendants of Marion Francis Bennett and his wife, Mary Jane O'Bannon Bennett, is being planned.  Further updates regarding this reunion will be contained on this website and provided by reunion coordinators.  Current information is:


O'Bannon Community Center
315 East Ramsey Street
Buffalo, Missouri


Saturday and Sunday, July 5th and 6th, 2008


9:00am - noon  Visiting, getting acquainted,        looking at family albums and artifacts, personal picture taking.
noon - 1:00pm  Catered lunch
1:00pm - 2:00pm  Group professional photos
2:00pm - 4:00pm  Various family updates
4:00pm - 5:00pm  Friends of the Bennett family invited to join the reunion
5:00pm - Closing  To Be Determined

Tours of local homesteads and cemeteries.  Maps, schedule and instructions will be provided during Saturday's events.


Signup Process

Please contact your coordinator or
Lendol Vest at


See Coordinator List below


of the Descendants of

 Marion Francis Bennett
Mary Jane “O’Bannon” Bennett

Coordinator List

Children of
Marion Francis Bennett


William Sherman

Anita Hensley

George Washington

Irene Bennett &
Lendol Vest

Francis Marion

Note #1

Flora Edith

Mary Guindon

John O’Bannon

Note #2

Nancy Elizabeth

Sallie Lemons

Phoebe Ann

Larry Jones

Philip Allen

William 'Bill' Bennett

Mary Maude

Note #3

James Lafayette

Jim Bennett


Note #4


Note #5

Paul R.

Carol Ann Sloan

Gordon C.

William 'Bill' Bennett

Note #1 – Francis Marion died of diphtheria at the age of two.

Note #2 – John O’Bannon died of typhoid fever at the age of eighteen.

Note #3 – Mary Maude had one child, Chloe Stewart, who died in infancy.

Note #4 – Arthur and wife, Martha Tibbs, had no children.

Note #5 – Bertha died 10 days short of her second birthday of diphtheria.


              Marion Francis and Mary Jane Bennett Children pictured (seven sons and two of four daughters)
              Standing (Left to Right):  William Sherman, James Lafayette, Paul R., Arthur, Gordon C. and George Washington
Sitting (Left to Right):  Flora Edith, three O'Bannon cousins, Mary Maude and Philip Allen
Two daughters missing from this photo are shown below (Nancy Elizabeth and Phoebe Ann)

Please excuse the quality.  These were scanned from hardcopy documents.
As work proceeds on this website, we will work on the quality of photos.